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The BPCA is warning that ‘super rats’ are in Nottingham and are immune to normal poisons

“MONSTER” rats are invading Nottingham this winter, local pest controllers have claimed.  Read More.

The British Pest Control Association has put the increase in the number of rodents down to cold and wet weather as well as the rats building a resistance to shop-bought poisons.  This is a good reason to call a Local British Pest Control Service.  We are out to your site in 90 mins.  Give us a call!

Jason Downing, owner of Pulse Pest Control in Long Eaton, said easier access to food has made rats bigger. Mr Downing, said: “It’s mad with rats at the moment.”

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“But that’s because there’s more food about for them, the weather hasn’t got anything to do with it. Nor

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is it anything supernatural.”Mr Downing believes the NG7 area is the worst postcode in the county for pests because of a high number of students and food establishments.

“They’ve been getting noticeably bigger in the last ten years and we’ve been seeing some monster rats recently. “But I think the scariest part is that the rats are more intelligent than they used to be. But rats are nice creatures and there’s no need to be afraid of them. I’ve never heard of a rat attacking anyone, ever.”
Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA, which has labelled the creatures ‘super rats’ said: “Reports of poison-resistant rats have been increasing in recent years and it seems likely that there’ll be a further surge in numbers during the coming months.

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“There’s less natural food around during colder weather so the population of rodents in and around homes and business premises could swell at an alarming rate as we head into winter.

“The trouble is that people who try to treat problems themselves are likely to be making the problem worse.

“The rodents have become resistant and, in some cases, immune to off-the-shelf poisons to the point where they’re actually feeding off the toxic pellets, which means their size and strength is increasing.”

The BPCA issued the advice ahead of National Pest Prevention Week. (November 9-14). Nottingham City Council’s pest control department is warning against panic.

Lorraine Raynor, chief environmental health officer, said: “Phrases like ‘super rats’ are designed to unnecessarily alarm residents, presumably in the hope they will be prompted to pay for pest control services.

There is absolutely nothing to suggest that this year is going to be any worse than normal for rat infestations.”
The council offers free pest control service for rat infestations to city residents, who can call 0115 915 2020 if they have a problem.