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Wasps & Tree Wasps

Dolichovespula spp

wasp control

Wasp Information


Adult worker wasps are between 15 - 20 mm long, they have a black and yellow "striped" colouring of the abdomen with a black head and thorax.

Wasps are colonial creatures and live in large social groups. The colony is established by a queen in spring and tends to grow rapidly from that point. Many thousands of wasps can reside in a single nest / among a single colony, living on sweet-materials and flower-nectar.

Toward the end of the summer, the colony develops males to mate with the queens and restart the colonising process. Dolichovespula spp usually produce grey aerial nests, which have a regular laminar construction. They may be suspended from trees, bee hives, nest boxes, dormer windows and rafters. If nests are formed underground, the envelope is always visible.

When present in large numbers (which is often the case), and if the nest is located where human contact is possible, wasps can inflict painful (and potentially very dangerous) stings.

During the survey, your pest-control technician will carry out a "risk-assessment" which is basically our way of checking for any hazards on the property / area. We will provide you, where possible, with advice for preventing wasps e.g. highlighting any factors that can improve the situation, such as: proofing and nest removal, etc.



Wasp nest removal in London & Kent

Wasps nests are usually treated by dusting/spraying insecticide  into the nest and around the entrance. Specific indoor sprays can also be used for controlling wasps in localised areas.

Pest Protect eradicate the nest by spraying it with an insecticide which is only available to professionals. This is sprayed directly into the wasp nest and this will start to work within 10 minutes. The wasp nest will get less active and is often dead within an hour or so but this depends on the location and the size of the wasp nest.

We ask you leave it 24 hours to take full effect, there will often be stray wasps who fly back to the nest these will usually leave and die.

wasp control

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