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Sciurus carolinensis

squirrel control

Squirrel Information


The grey squirrel can live for up to 9 years.

Head and body length: 25-30 cm, Tail length: 20-25cm, Weight (adult): approximately 500g.

Grey squirrels can be distinguished from red squirrels as their fur is visibly grey and they have significantly smaller ear tufts, also, they generally have a larger build than red squirrels.

Their distribution spans; England, Wales and the south of Cumbria. They are a only really present in mainland Europe in small and localised colonies in Italy.

Most often found in deciduous or mixed woodland but can survive in trees, hedgerows, gardens and parks. Grey squirrels feed mainly on fruits, acorns, roots, tree-shoots, nuts and cereals. They bury excess food or hide it in tree hollows. They feed at ground level, more than red squirrels, and together with their ability to digest acorns, they tend displace red squirrels in areas of woodland where the two are in competition.

Grey squirrels live in a compact, spherical nest (drey), 30-60cm in diameter, with an outer frame of twigs, and dry leaves and grass inside. They are diurnal, active from before sunrise to after sunset. The peak of activity is in the autumn. Their range covers 2-10 hectares. Female Grey Squirrels produce a litter of (usually) three young. This is mainly in the spring or late summer, after a gestation period of 40-45 days. The young are weaned after 10 weeks and are independent at 16 weeks.



After establishing the type and species of pest present, a trapping programme should be implemented. Our technicians aim to eradicate the presence of squirrels without endangering people or non-target animals within the area. We are aware of the continuous changes that occur within a nest and we consider this when assessing your property. Traps, therefore, have to be inaccessible to other animals.

Usually, two follow-up surveys will occur at intervals of three to five working days.

squirrel control

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