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bird control london

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Pigeon control London

Do you need Pigeon control London?  Do you have another bird problem?  Flying rats as they are lovingly called can be messy.  Pigeons can be the pests that take a special skill to remove.  We use Falcons for our solution.  And, we are happy to say we have some very happy commercial owners as well as residential.  We work with commercial pest control as well as residential pest control.  Pest control in London is what we do best.  We find the best solution for your pest control needs.  Our program work with all Pests found in London.  Pests like Rat Control, Mice Control, and Wasp Nest RemovalRead More.

Pigeon Control Information

As with any pest control, Pigeon control London needs to understand the pest.


A pigeon is usually 32 cm long, a blue—grey in colour (although other colours are common).


2 – 3 broods per year, with 2 eggs in each clutch.
17 – 19 day incubation period.
Young birds spend 35 – 37 days in the nest.


Feeds on seeds, green feed, domestic scraps in and around cities, near roosting sites. Nests on ledges.

Bird control over the years has become a major part of our services, from netting roofs to pigeon spikes on churches to warehouses, acoustic deterrents to guano clearance. Often referred to as 'rats with wings', feral pigeons have become just as much of a problem in towns and cities as their furry, four-legged counterparts. Descendants of rock doves, originally cliff dwelling birds, the feral pigeon has adapted well to living alongside humans and is an integral feature of town centres across the country. Pigeons have been known to carry diseases such as Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, and Psittacosis, similar to pneumonia.

Spores from the droppings can be inhaled as dust and carried on the wind. It can cause a flu-like illness in healthy people but poses more serious problems to those with low immunity.

An undisputed and particularly visual pigeon problem, however, is a mess. Combined pigeon deposits can weigh up to several tons and costs £15 million a year to clear up.

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Signs of Pigeons

Pigeons themselves (alive or dead)

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Quotations on bird-proofing are FREE, please call for a no obligation quote, we are happy to discuss your needs and have solutions for all types of problems.

Bird Control Treatment

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We pride ourselves on our bird control, using live predatory response to target pest bird species, natural predators like our peregrine falcons (Falco Peregrinus) which are trained to give chase and deter birds from causing a public nuisance by breeding, roosting and perching in places where they are not welcome.

The results are immediate and impressive. We find the customers which this service is most suited to are stadiums, car parks, train sheds, shopping malls, ports and landfill sites, office blocks ect.
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