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Tineola bisselliella

moth control london

Moth Information


The adult clothes moth has a body length of about 7 mm and a wingspan of between 10 -15 mm. They produce larvae which can mature to about 1 cm in length

The female can lay upwards of 5 eggs upon the material which the larvae feed. Adult moths live for around 2/12 weeks and the time it takes for them to develop (like many other insects) is directly affected by; temperature, humidity quality/ quantity of food.

The clothes moth is a significant pest, the larvae feed on an assortment of organic fabrics e.g. wools, furs etc. Larval feeding can cause severe damage and the larvae are often difficult to identify as they oppose the light.

During the survey, your pest-control technician will carry out a "risk-assessment" which is basically our way of checking for any hazards on the property / area. We will provide you, where possible, with advice for preventing moths e.g. highlighting any factors that can improve the situation, such as: identifying the location, cleaning, etc.



To control the infestation of these pests, the source of the infestation must be tracked, removed and destroyed. Any material that they have infested may also have to be destroyed (e.g. infested foodstuffs).

Then, an insecticide is applied to the area (non-staining treatments may be used for soft furnishings).


Signs of Moths

Damaged clothes
Damaged furnishings
Cockroaches themselves (alive or dead)

Price Information

Moth Treatment

  • One Visit
  • High risk areas sprayed
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