House Mouse

Mus domesticus


Mice control London

The common house mouse will drink water when accessible but where water is not accessible, can survive on food with as little as 10-20 % food moisture. The Mus Domesticus is an omnivore and feeds on numerous household food products.

After treating the property, a survey should be undertaken to assess the infestation's proportions and risks. Also, adjacent properties should be inspected due to the behaviours of mice ( Mice tend to travel outside their harbourage to feed and drink before returning).

London Mice Control
Mice control London

Colour of mice Grey - Brown, the underside is usually slightly lighter
Ears of mice Large
Eyes of mice Small
Tail of mice Shorter than the length of head and body
Weight (adult) mouse anything between 10 - 25 g
Litters per year of mice around 8
Litter size of mice upwards of 8
Maturity of mice as little as six weeks
Average life span of mice 3-4 months

During the survey, your pest-control technician will carry out a "risk-assessment" which is basically our way of checking for any hazards on the property / area. We will provide you, where possible, with advice for preventing mice e.g. highlighting any factors that can improve the situation, such as: proofing, cleaning, food storage etc.

Mice Control London


After establishing the type and species of pest present, a baiting programme should be implemented. Our technicians aim to exterminate the mice without endangering people or non-target animals within the area. We are aware of the continuous changes that occur within a nest and we consider this when assessing your property. Baits, therefore, have to be inaccessible to other animals.

In instances where baits need to be in domestic areas, tamper-resistant bait-boxes must be used to protect the health of non-target animals and people.

Usually, follow-up surveying will occur seven working days after the initial baiting programme has been implemented, some situations, however, may require more frequent (daily) visits.

mice control london

Signs of Mice

Smear Marks
Mice themselves (alive or dead)

Price Information

Rats & Mice

  • 2 Treatments
  • Hole-filling on 2nd visit
  • 12-month guarantee certificate*
  • Every visable internal mouse hole will be sealed up on 2nd visit ( other companies charge a fee for this )