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Do you need Ant Control London?  Have you gotten yourself an ant infestation?  Ants can take over an area very quickly.  They usually have a nest that the queen lives at.  And she is surrounded by more ants that are there to protect her.  Most likely the ants that you are seeing are the worker ants.  These ants are after a food source for the Queen and the nest.

This is where ant control London comes in.  We don't just kill the ants you see on the surface, which is only a small part of the problem.  We control ants at the nest level.  Aside from our mice control London where we go directly for the pests your seeing, we use a bit of a different method in Ant Control London.  Ant control London is a necessary evil.  The first thing we need to do is determine their food source.  Give us a call.  Click here.

Lasius niger colonies can reach in size up to around 15,000 workers but 4,000–7,000 is around average. A Lasius niger queen can live for around 12 years. Lasius niger is host to a number of temporary social parasites of the Lasius mixtus group including Lasius mixtus and Lasius umbratus.

In the home Ants

Black garden ants often explore their surroundings quite extensively during early summer months in an effort to increase the food supply to their queen and her young, and also as a way of testing new ground in preparation for the nests' summer flight. In some cases, these explorations lead to a burrowing through mortar and brick.

Ant Control London Treatment

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Ants nests are usually treated by dusting/spraying insecticide into the nest and around the entrance.  Ants develop complicated nests where they save their food and also ant larvae create. These nests are generally outdoors but might be inside your home as well. Nests might be located in:

  • the ground
  • fractures in sidewalk
  • under floors
  • wall surface fractures
  • inside logs, hollow stems and also acorns;
  • under rocks or logs
  • under foundations

What Do Ants Consume?

The ant diet regimen differs according to the certain varieties.  Usual house ants commonly search for sugar, starches, fats and meats, consisting of animal food. Several ants likewise feed to honeydew, a wonderful compound produced by aphids and also scale pests. Ants don't pursue jam-packed items, they consume spilt, overlooked food or carcases of other insects.

Exactly what are the Signs of Ant Problem?

Ants, unlike the majority of parasites, do not hide from human beings, makings their detection a lot easier. A good test is leaving pet food, sugar or grains to see if ants will pertain to gather it. However, a single sampling of these insects is not proof of a problem. These routes are similar to the ones left by snails. Ant nests are more difficult to spot, particularly if they are not in the soil where they simply resemble heaps of dirt.  Click here for more information on London Ant Control.


How You Can Stop Ant Problem?

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The vital to ant prevention is not leaving any kind of food sources. Ants are food collectors iant control Londonf there is no food to gather they will not exist in your home. Remember that ants can get on anything. And, in which makes them specialists on hard-to-reach areas. An open box of cereal in the cabinet or pantry could become an infestation source. Be sure to keep kitchen as well as consuming areas clean of any crumbs or food components left out, as these suffice to trigger up an infestation. Call us for you Ant Control London.

Are Ants a Health Hazard?

Ants are not disease providers, yet they can trigger various other dangerous circumstances. They could harm cords of appliances or any electrical cables.  This occasionally can result in electrical power outages, phone and also computer networks damage or create fire.


Ant Control London Treatment

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How Can I remove Ants?

Starting with the prevention area-- make sure there's no food to attract an ant invasion. Keep all food in sealed containers or bags.  While consistently cleaning your house of any kind of food particles. There are remedies to common ant infestation that can be store-bought.  However, eliminating ant nests is harder particularly with no specialist assistance or support. Make certain to suggest with an ant exterminator before taking any activity. Especially if you are not sure concerning the varieties of ants you are dealing with.

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