Spider Pest Control

Need Spider Pest Control?  Did you know that a False widow bites can cause swelling, burning sensation, chest pain and numbness? A CITY dubbed the false widow capital of the UK has hired spidermen to rid them from peoples’ homes.  Residents in Brighton have reported the most problems with the country’s most venomous arachnid.  Britain’s most venomous spider is the false widow and seems to be increasing in numbers ALAMY
3. Britain’s most venomous spider is the false widow and seems to be increasing in numbers
So the council has added the species to its Spider pest control list. We offer a guarantee with all  Pigeon Control and Mice Control, our Spider pest Control.

Environmental health teams – Need Spider Pest Control

Pest Control Companies that usually deal with mice and wasps – are now being called to exterminate spiders too.

Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control

They charge £80 for one or two-bed homes, £100 for three or four-beds and £140 for large houses.   2010 report said that Brighton and other parts of East Sussex had the highest number of cases making it the UK hotspot. The false widow has distinctive markings that resemble a skull ALAMY 3.  The false widow has distinctive markings that resemble a skull.

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Last October Stephanie Sheehan, 28, spotted three in her garage.

She said: “The biggest one is massive. Its body is as big as a large marble and it moves fast.”  In March 2014, Joe Whitehouse, also of Brighton, trapped one after spotting one on his bed.  Bites can result in severe swelling, a burning sensation, chest pains and numbness.  The spiders lurk in warm rooms.  Also, Spiders like open windows. Brit finds four false widows crawling around kitchen


BED BUG BITE Mum-of-one woke up with a HOLE in her leg after she was bitten by a false widow spider as she slept in BRITAIN’S MOST NOTORIOUS ARACHNID . As false widow spiders spread across UK here’s.

How to spot one and treat a bite

RANDY ARACHNID INVASION Sex-crazed false widow spiders on the prowl and set to raid UK homes this autumn.  Meningitis comes from a spider bite.  Families with lots of critters have a better chance of spider infestations.  Spiders like warmth.

‘I HAD NIGHTMARES FOR DAYS’ Mum-of-two scared witless as huge false widow spider leaps on her as she painted her garden shed.  WIDOW MAKER Lorry driver left with massive gaping hole in his hand after he was bitten by a false widow spider. They are believed to have first arrived in Britain in crates of bananas from the Canary Islands in the 19th century.  They have a shiny brown abdomen with distinctive white markings that look like a skull.  Due to global warming there is a rise in spiders in the UK.  A false widow bite can cause swelling, numbness and chest pain ALAMY 3.

A false widow bite can cause swelling, numbness and chest pain

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “We have added the service in response to demand from residents.  “The treatment is very similar to flea treatment.  “Indoor low level areas where spiders have been active are sprayed with an insecticide.”

All of the above is why we need spider pest control.  Spider bites will cause disease. Spiders are not safe inside your home.  We offer the best spider pest control out there.  We are out in 90 mins of your call.  And, we will give a guarantee for a year as well.  However you discover the issue, we are here to fix it.  Spiders are not a laughing matter.  Give us a call  0208 945 7231.