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False widow capital’ of UK adds country’s most venomous spider to pest control list as high numbers are found in homes

Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control Need Spider Pest Control?  Did you know that a False widow bites can cause swelling, burning sensation, chest pain and numbness? A CITY dubbed the false widow capital of the UK has hired spidermen to rid them from peoples’ homes.  Residents in Brighton have reported the most problems with the country’s most venomous…

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Primary Schools Closed Because Of False Widow Spider Infestation

spider control London

London Pest Control Services London pest control services will no doubt have found themselves quite busy this month.  Two primary schools had to be shut because of an infestation of false widow spiders, which while not especially dangerous can deliver a serious bite. Pupils at the Thomas Buxton and Osmani primary schools will not have…

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