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The Gentrified Rat

mice problems london

The Gentrified Rat The continuing saga of attempting to get rid of the rat in my kitchen Tuesday: We have discovered a rodent in the house. It has eaten through our entire ‘bag for life’ collection. We set one of our friendly humane mouse traps leftover from the last mouse invasion and I agree to buy…

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Pest Protect London Pest Control UK

rat pest control

Pest Protect London What does Pest Protect London do for the London residence?  Well, we are an all-around pest control company that has your interest and your family interest in mind.  We are a family owned company that has dedicated our lives to the understanding of pests and how they think.  With this knowledge, we…

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Landlords – Avoid Vermin Infestations Or Face A Fine

pest protect

Landlords – Avoid Vermin Infestations Or Face A Fine Landlords who think they may have a Vermin infestation in one of their properties should ensure they call out London rat control specialists as soon as possible to help them deal with the situation or they could face a hefty fine. Read More. One landlord in…

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Super Rats in Nottingham – Local British Pest Control

pest control bermondsey

Local British Pest Control The BPCA is warning that ‘super rats’ are in Nottingham and are immune to normal poisons “MONSTER” rats are invading Nottingham this winter, local pest controllers have claimed.  Read More. The British Pest Control Association has put the increase in the number of rodents down to cold and wet weather as…

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